About Blackjack

blackjackIf you have ever been in a casino or played on an online casino then chances are that you have probably heard of the games Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the top ranked games in casinos and is most widely played worldwide. If you are just starting on Blackjack don’t worry, it will not take long before you know all about Blackjack. It is an easy game to play once you have a little practice and get the hang of it. The rules are fairly simple and it can be a great game to get into. If you like taking a little bit of risk and like entertainment then it is a perfect game to try out. You just need to find some casino bonuses with low wagering requirements in 2017 to start playing and earning some bonus money in the meantime.

Starting Out

If you have never played Blackjack but want to give it a try don’t worry. It is a fairly quick game to catch on to and the basics are pretty simple. The object of the game is to get as close as you possibly can to the score 21 without going over it. Starting out you will be dealt two cards, one lying face down and one facing upwards. Each card is taken at its face value except for the jack, queen, and king which are ten points each and the Ace which can be used as one point or eleven points. Once you have added up your first two cards you will have the option to take another card, known as a “hit”, or you can “pass” which you will not get another card and you will stay at the score you have. Once all players have decided what to do then all of the scores will be added up and the player closest to 21 without exceeding it will be the winner. Players can also win if the dealer “busts” by going over 21.

Different Versions

Blackjack is a great casino game to get into because it really does provide a lot of entertainment. It gives players the option to take risks in order to get a better chance of winning or if they don’t want to take the risk then they don’t have to. Either way is a very fun game that is very easy for anyone to catch on to. There are also a couple of different casino games that have been inspired by Blackjack that are now available. They are very similar to the original but they have a special twist to give the game even more excitement and to mix things up a bit. Pontoon and Spanish 21 are two of the games that have been inspired by Blackjack. So if you enjoy playing Blackjack then these are two games that would also be worth checking out. In the Spanish 21 version Blackjack, or 21 total points, will always win over everything else. Pontoon is very similar but is commonly played in Singaporean, Malaysian, and Australian casinos. No matter which game you choose to play it will be similar in some way to the game of Blackjack.